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A World Ripped Apart

People are delusional.
People are hypocritical.
Exceptions undermine equality
Secrets undermine humanity,
Yet we as humans expect reciprocity,
Let’s give the world free thought,
Then get mad when someone thinks different than I,
Let’s preach about each having their own,
But complain about someone else’s,
Let’s comment on other’s lives,
Let’s weigh in on their choices,
Let’s be the loud voices,
The amplified vocals condemning those around us,
Let’s live mediocre lives
And comment on he who lives average,
Let’s pretend we are important,
And denigrate the importance of others,
Let’s talk about haters, fakers, liars, and cheaters,
And since we’re none of the above we’re the games single leaders,
Let’s be about the money and the hos,
Let’s be about getting over on these dudes and flirting with bros,
Let’s comment on superficial folly,
And ignore real current news,
Let’s overreact to a serious judicial case,
When the person is sentenced rightfully or wrongfully,
Let’s take to the internet, the blogosphere,
And importune justice longingly,
Let’s talk about love and being in the arms of that man,
Then in the same breath say its men you can’t stand,
Let’s just be two faced,
Three faced, four faced,
Let’s lace the place with as many shades of personality we can chase,
Let’s be damaged humans trying to fix other men,
Let’s be incomplete pencils criticizing the pen,
Let’s be self righteous, projecting, educated guessing fools,
Let’s take God out of our businesses and schools,
Let’s Chinese menu the Bible,
Pick out what we want and use them as some tools,
Let’s keep spinning around in circles til we throw up,
Let’s keep robbing, stealing, and laughing at one another,
Let’s keep talking shit,
Let’s all just kumbaya our way into the future,
Let’s all just embrace one another,
Let’s embrace every other culture,
Let’s syncretize,
Then let’s criticize those syncretisms,
Let’s fragment, shatter, and grow calloused with xenophobia…

Let’s be humans.
Imperfect, with ideas of perfect harmony.
Possible, but implausible because of our alarmingly,
Inconsistent tendencies across the board.
From city to city
State to state.
Nation to nation.
Continent to continent.
We are rich in potential
We are hopeless in practice.
Wealthy in possibility,
But desolate in probability.
Politics, religion, philosophy, love,
Fashion, environment, the cosmos above,
TV, media, internet, friends,
Business, economics, marketplace trends,
Opinions, perspectives, outlooks, perceptions,
No they’re wrong but we’re right, unfair exceptions,
Food, entertainment, alcohol, drugs,
Jesus, spirituality, words, hugs,
Thugs, wars, World Orders, societies,
The list keeps growing and I feel my sobriety,
Slipping because I’m sipping on the toxic brew
That is human variation.
That which separates me from you,
You from I,
And nation from nation.



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