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Perception is King

“He who controls the perceptions of man, controls the actions of men”

Free will is an interesting concept. That God would give such frail, fragile creatures the option to make decisions for ourselves is a testament to the trust in His own plan. In this world, perception rules. Man has the power to affect other men, women to affect men, men to affect women and so on. Much of the Bible revolves around the idea of the “world” or the carnal vs. the saints or the saved. The difference being when a person accepts Christ into their life as their personal Savior, they give their free will back to God as an act of reverence.

Much of the world does not revere God.

So what is to be said then? What then is dictating the earth? If people are not giving their wills back to the Originator, what are they doing? Following perceptions. Being manipulated. Manipulating others. Affecting change. Spreading mindsets. Good and bad. This is the nature of this world. People of influence telling people within their sphere of influence how to live. Manipulating their perceptions. If Oprah tells her loyal followers that something is right or read a particular book, she has a proven efficacy that shows that people will more than likely obey. Whether or not they originally agreed.

Oprah has the influence to alter perception.

Oprah’s followers allow her to alter their reality. If she said its possible, they suddenly believe it to be possible and so on.

But what attests for that influence? How does one achieve that. Passion. Passion is an energy that can be sensed. People gravitate towards it. They respect it. Revere it. Consciously and unconsciously like moths to the idealistic flame, people are swayed by passion. Success is nothing more than the aggregation of various investments. Those investments could be monetary, but they can also be purely an awareness. A person that many people know, is likely more successful than someone unknown, or has the potential to gain success. Therefore, the passionate person becoming activated, sets him or herself up for people to gravitate towards them, then becomes more and more capable of affecting perceptions.

I work on this everyday. Your presence is a gift from God, how you use it becomes a testament to your diligence. Success begins in your spirit, then enters the conscious mind, then becomes possible in the physical world.



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