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What is “Real”

This world is not controlled by “good and evil” nor is it controlled by “God or Satan” (something I will expound upon in the paragraphs to come, so all the religious readers calm down). It is in fact influenced by both. Evil tends to work more in the ways of coercion and manipulation. But what they are manipulating just so happens to be that which primarily shapes this earth.

Perception. Human perception. The person, place, or thing which can fundamentally alter it, holds the keys to affecting this visible world. I read recently, “that which changes is not real, that which changes not is real”. Think about the world and how it invariably changes. Look at the progression of events in the last 30 years. 100 years. 1000 years. Racism, science, understanding of the body. It seems that every decade we’re reworking that which has been previously worked, this perpetual trial and error. No matter how wrong something is, if you can convince enough people its true, then it’s considered right. The Antebellum South was a hotspot of racial bigotry and ass backwards philosophies. However, due to the pervasiveness of white doctrine, people who were otherwise rational, contended that irrational things were truth.

Perception is not real. Nor is it truth. It is nothing more than a temporal understanding of one’s environment. This world has been shaped and molded by people who conceived it in a particular way, a perception that served as the truth of the moment. According to the definition of real aforementioned, this world, which is in a constantly in a state of flux is unreal. Nothing that is dependent on human perception can be considered real, thus only those things, devoid of the needs of human understanding are real.

This is a difficult concept to explain, because it requires certain principles be accepted prior to. I personally believe that the spirit of things are unchangeable, thus the spirit world which we cannot fully interact with is the actual “real” realm. There is no empirical data to support this or experiment to make a skeptic believe. I simply found it upon an overwhelmingly large assumption that everything that occurs in this life could’ve been done an infinite number of other ways and that anything can be changed. That margin of disparity makes people like me uncomfortable, it suddenly makes everything significant and insignificant. That because things have happened a particular way I should take notice of them, but had things happened a different way life would be different.

If you subscribe to the ancient religions like Christianity,Judaism, Islam or even certain Eastern practices you believe that God created man with one thing that He’d never directly manipulate or control: Free Will. Will is predicated on perception. Since perception occurs outside of the ultimate unchanging Reality, God, it is in a sense a constantly changing un-reality in which our flawed physical selves interface. That’s why God doesn’t “control the world”. He gave us free will and although He allows Himself to influence on occasion, He never exercises control over this realm.

I have plenty of batshit crazy, radical theories about life that I harbor, but this one has become the theoretical basis for the promulgation of my beliefs. This world isn’t real as far as I’m concerned. Because it isn’t real, it can be affected to a person’s liking. There are a plethora of variables which constitute life and one adept in wisdom can in fact cause changes to this world.



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