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Dont Believe Your Hype

“There’s a million of you, but only one of me”

This adage so perfectly captures the delusion of my generation. The nonconformist, individualized, sensationalized youth of America. The Millenials. Let’s deconstruct this popular phrase and look at things realistically:

1) Perspective is everything. Therefore, even though from your perspective you seem like “one in a million”, from where I stand, you walk, talk, dress, and act like everyone else. Therefore, I am well within my rights to counter your statement with the all too stinging reality that there are a million of you as well.

2) The idealized reflection you create for yourself is not reality, but simply an unauthentic and quite frankly pathetic attempt at rationalizing your mediocre life. We are all in college. We all have people of the opposite sex approach us. We all have moments where we feel like we’re the shit… Relax. You aren’t that special.

3) It isn’t “cool” to be different in totality, but simply being one or two standard deviations from the norm. The idea that you’re one in a million is an extremely egocentric notion in itself, but more importantly, inadequately captures the true sentiment of what these narcissistic clowns are trying to convey. Go talk to the weird kid from class, see how he feels about truly being “unusual”.

4) Every human is theoretically one in 7 billion, therefore to utter this idea that you are different is woefully redundant. Furthermore, we’re talking about larger cultural aggregates, most of which we all fall into. For every person who believes they think, talk, or act different, I’m pretty sure I can find someone who is a cultural carbon copy of them.

My point is, for every up there is a down. Because every human is fundamentally different, we must do away with this statistically insignificant data and look at the fact that most people in a geographical or societal culture act the same as another group, whether that connection is apparent or not. Deep currents run within the sociospheres, therefore, their lack of visibility does not denote a lack of presence. Ideas that we’re one in a million or that we are one and someone else is a mere facsimile of countless others, is not only preposterous, but indicative of more insidious qualities of human worthlessness. Many offenders of this rule are no-names in and of themselves… Local celebrities, mere farts in the historical wind, with no lasting legacy except their own shortlived, inflated self worth. Their belief that they’re nonconformists merely illuminate the truth that they are conformists to the most disgusting degree.

The true nonconformist admits that he or she isn’t shit but a bag of dust with a prime directive in life. That directive is not predicated on superfluous human popularity contests or “how different am I from George”, but simply the purposes of us upon this earth. I have been guilty of this self inflation, but only because it helped perpetuate my infatuation with initial success. Those who feel the need to broadcast and boast are suffering from one of two problems: 1) insecurity 2) immaturity. I probably had a bad case of both.

As a human you are innately special, but so is everyone else on this elemental planet. So shut the fuck up and realize that you’re just like everyone else until you actually DO something different. Talking, typing, posting will not differentiate, nor does foolish interest by other human beings. No, the true “outlier” in the human population, the elevated individual, is felt not heard. I rarely feel anything except stupidity from these modern day Creon’s. Hubris is a sin by the way.



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