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One People: End Racism

Deep inside of every human is the capacity to grow and inspire. As social creatures, we have the innate ability to learn from each other, care for each other, and grow with each other. For as long as we have been on this earth, however, we have been subjected to barriers which obstructed complete human harmony. Imperialistic constructs like race dynamics, other intercultural impediments, and a plethora of intracultural obstacles like caste systems have kept us segmented and tiered, fundamentally opposing the evolution that our species has been crying out for for millenia.

Our generation has the capacity to change that.

Our generation has cared the least about race as a divisive tool. Especially in cultural meccas like Los Angeles, where everyone meets, racial dialogues have changed.

That’s because it never existed.

Race like time is necessary for categorical reasons. Its a testament to human limits of cognition. Just like we need watches, clocks, and calendars to know when something is going to occur or more importantly occur again, we have needed race to help understand and celebrate our history. Each ethnic background has had an interesting story to tell. From the tribes of the indigenous peoples of America to the dynastic rules of China or Egypt, each culture has needed to identify itself to keep its stories heralded.

But now its time for a paradigm shift. We should never stop celebrating our heritage, nor should we ever stop being proud of who God made us to be, but it is time to end the seemingly endless discourse on race. Its time we stop being divisive and look to the future as one blood. Its time we stopped seeing “white man” or “black woman” and we started seeing “human beings” and “God’s children”. With more and more people being born into this world of mixed heritage, breaking down the misconceptions of interracial dating, one has to see that its time humanity stop focusing on race and start looking at evolution.

Its time we embraced all mankind as fundamentally wanting the same things, even if our experiences differ. Its time we stop judging people by the way they look and understand that in a world where a native Chinese child can videocall a native British child, we all inhabit the same earth. Its time we exchanged cultures and built a True Culture… The Human Culture.

We must ditch the “oh you’re acting white” or “I’m just a black man trying to make it”. Hinge your image on being a HUMAN BEING. We can never forget the Civil Rights Movement, but we must become cognizant of what they fought for: equality. Wearing your perceived inadequacy on your shoulder is not what our forefathers fought for. In an equal perceptive world, white, black, Japanese, Arab, or Pacific Islander: we are one people.

Now as lame as it sounds we must all embrace one thing: love. God did not create us to be at enmity with one another.

Without love ignorance runs unrestrained.

With love comes understanding. With understanding comes progression. Social progression.



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