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Race Doesn’t Exist

For thousands of years philosophers, scientists, and theologians alike have been trying to make sense of mind-body problems. Questions like “where exactly is the mind if it isn’t a physical entity” & “what is the soul” have plagued the inquisitive minds of virtually every famous thinker ever studied. I have for years adopted various Christian interpretations, sticking primarily with the 4 part “soul, spirit, body” model, however, lately I have been using a 6 part theory.

Soul. Spirit. Body. Mind. Now I have often used various components interchangeably… For instance when talking about the emotional center or heart, one could theoretically add it as a standalone 5th part, however, I tend to lump it in with either the body or spirit, depending on the person’s proclivity.

However, the purpose of today’s post isn’t to discuss the metaphysical models themselves, but to instead focus on one component, the mind, and draw some conclusions that are imperative to human progression.

For many thousands of years philosophers, theologians, and scientists alike have been asking the question of where the mind exists. As the incorporeal component of human cognition, many have been vexed by the issue of whether it exists within the body, outside the body, or in some other dimension. Dualists and monists have attempted to explain this phenomena, but I’ll let you guys research that on your own. What I want to focus on is just how powerful the mind is.

They say perception is reality and there is nothing more true on this earth. Due to powerful yet completely ignorant perceptions, humans have been drawing erroneous conclusions for millennia. For instance, the concept of race. Race is an Anglo construct. It does not exist. When you discuss variations in species, you are contending that that species is primed to split into a subspecies. Human beings do not exhibit those variations. We as a species share statistically significant amounts of genetic information. We as a species are the same.

What explains our variation then? Couple things.

1) Environments. If you started at the Equator and moved north, you would witness a graded change in skin tone. Obviously due to the exposure to sunlight. Also, certain evolutionary changes are apparent. In colder climates populations tend to be more short and stout for heat retention, while hotter climate populations tend to be long and lean for heat moderation. These do not signify differences in races, because they span across races. The equatorial band which encircles the world may contain 350 “races” all of which are “long and lean”.

2) *Culture* and culture is driven by ONE thing: the mind. Perception. This is truly the culprit for the lion’s share of our intra-species variation. With our evolved neocortex, our cognition is highly advanced. Therefore we have more social choices beyond “flight or flight” and “mate or abate”. We have the power to sculpt our world per our penchants. This in tandem with thousands of years of cultural isolation has lead to the fragmentation of humanity. Although empires did interact, the vast majority of humans did not see a great variation in cultures. For the most part, until the racist Imperial system began, cultures remained insulated. Due to this insulation, we identified with our immediate people. If you were Igbo, then you adhered to Igbo tradition. If you were Tahitian, you followed Tahitian traditions etc.

However, the world is not comprised of independent gene pools. We all share ~90% of genetic information. Therefore the idea that one race is supreme or that one race is more beautiful, more talented, or genetically predisposed for success is simply farcical. Hell, the discussion of race to me is a moot point. Any and every racist moment I have experienced was due to an ignorance on the behalf of an observer. That ignorance was propagated by their cultural practices.

As someone who feels them self evolved beyond the parameters of race and ethnicity, I don’t look at the globe in these terms. I see the world as ripe for an awakening. A realization that it isn’t some inherent physiological phenomenon that’s responsible for our differences, but YOUR MIND which is. If you see me as your brother, whether German, Chinese, Peruvian, Azerbaijani, or Tanzanian, then you are right and we are brothers.

Don’t let ignorance stop you from embracing humanity. There is NO difference, beyond what humans do to each other, than separates us. YOU have the control to step out from the Draconian ideals of race, eugenics, and prejudice. Educate yourself about who WE are, what WE can be, and how WE can progress.

God Bless



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