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Where Did the Miracles Go?

As I’ve said many times in the past, we are all after the same things. Happiness, fulfillment, love, external relationships, an understanding of the world etc. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t seem that the world supports these goals. The earth is more than just two faced, its an infinitely shapeshifting being because those who sculpt it, humans, are virtually limitless in potential. Everyday I get on social networks and I see at least one post like this:

“Every girl deserves to have a man that treats her like a princess. Catches her tears as they fall. Kisses her like he means it. Doesn’t cheat or do anything which would hurt her. Every girl deserves her Prince Charming”

Now granted I don’t disagree with this in the least. What I’m more focused on are the implications in society. The ultimate question of why statements like this are still being made in the first place.

Now I’m using the word miracle loosely, but I don’t want to detract from the gravitas it carries. But such love as described by these ubiquitous quotes is nothing short of miraculous in this day and age. For a young man to sweep his woman off her feet, supply all her needs, pray to God on her behalf, rub her feet, listen to her problems, and maintain a pleasurable sexual relationship with her is statistically unlikely. Given that our current society is propelled by extroversion, ego, and the seeking of self interest, the idea that someone will give themselves over to the process of love is virtually absurd.

Yet we all want it.

These posts get the most likes, from men and women alike… We allknow that this is good, but we don’t expect people to act like that. We don’t expect miracles because — well fuck we’ve all been screwed.

I’m using love merely as a microcosm. You can look at miracles in the traditional sense and really get a feel for where I’m going. The Bible and other global Sacred Texts describe a world chock full of miraculous occurrences and preternaturnal happenings in antiquity. Except we no longer live in these arcane, superstitious societies… We live in the modern, tech laden world of advancement.

My point is the same point I’ve been making for months now. This world is immeasurably confused. The change that we all want? The love we all want? The peace we all want? The hope we all want? It begins with us. I may have an incredibly complicated definition of free choice, one that is devoid of conventional understandings, however we have been granted the ability to choose by God. Therefore we can choose to live harmoniously, by choosing to ignore the ignoble and distasteful characteristics of selfish man. We can choose to love a woman the way she is supposed to or we can choose to be the person who cheats. But everything begins with a choice, whether you perceive that choice to be illusory or real.

Go out and listen to your friends, teachers, and family. You can hear the world crying out for something. That something is the quintessential miracle. We can’t do supernatural things like grow a new kidney for a dialysis patient since we aren’t God, however, we can sow seeds of life into a dying world. YOU ARE THE MIRACLE. Be the change that you are so quick to agree with on social sites. Don’t fall prey to selfishness and become a hypocrite to your own convictions.

Don’t say every woman deserves a Prince Charming, then be the girl who cheats. That is exactly what’s wrong with the world now. Minor inconsistencies whose initially small ripples become enormous, destructive waves in society.

You have the potential to be the miracle, the blessing from God Himself, to someone else, if you just pay attention.



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