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Through Heaven's Eyes

   Everyday we are faced with a question: am I going to be the change I so desperately yearn for? We each have complaints, something that we hold against this earth that we find unjustifiable, but I see that most people lack the gusto to actually hold themselves to be a champion for that change.

Do you know what you are willing to live for? Do you know what you're willing to die for? How well do you even know yourself? With the answers to each of these questions, your weary eyes meeting blazing sun moments will become more poignant. Every morning won't be a "God, another day at the office…", but instead daily campaigns fighting for the better.

The battle is not physical, the battle is mental & spiritual. The turf is not the earth, but instead exists within our minds, souls, and spirits. The change that we seek as humans exists within the very purlieus of our heart. You want love, but the type of pure love you seek has been denigrated by years of cyclic heartbreaks. You want peace, but peace has been continually thwarted by greed and ignoble superiority complexes. You want success, but the industries you wish to thrive in have been seized by hands of men who wish to consolidate power and verify status quo's.

The wars are waged within us but their toxic byproducts are seen as outward violence, prejudice, and greed. Unfortunately its easy to get caught up in all of that, easy for us to envision ourselves as mere granules in a large silo, unable to exercise any real effect on the pile. So we go with the inhuman zeitgeist, we drink our coffees, go to jobs we hate, fall further into debt, get fat, get mad, and grow old & broke, simply pissing our lives away.

All because we ignored the real battle. The one inside of us.

Tomorrow I challenge you to be the person you set out to be when you were 18. I challenge you to wake up and choose the kind of life God wants for you. It will never be perfect, but it will be fulfilling. It will take sacrifice, but it will be redeeming. It will take some working, but it will be purposeful. Open your eyes and greet with world with a mindset that promises to be the absolute change its needed. Instead of belittling your significant other, hug them. Instead of being pissed at your job, set a date by which you will have found another opportunity. Sit next to someone of a different race on the bus and engage them.

Do something, anything out of the ordinary to make your life powerful.

See the world through Heaven's eyes. That's the only world worth living or dying for.




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