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One People: End Racism

Deep inside of every human is the capacity to grow and inspire. As social creatures, we have the innate ability to learn from each other, care for each other, and grow with each other. For as long as we have been on this earth, however, we have been subjected to barriers which obstructed complete human harmony. Imperialistic constructs like race dynamics, other intercultural impediments, and a plethora of intracultural obstacles like caste systems have kept us segmented and tiered, fundamentally opposing the evolution that our species has been crying out for for millenia.

Our generation has the capacity to change that.

Our generation has cared the least about race as a divisive tool. Especially in cultural meccas like Los Angeles, where everyone meets, racial dialogues have changed.

That’s because it never existed.

Race like time is necessary for categorical reasons. Its a testament to human limits of cognition. Just like we need watches, clocks, and calendars to know when something is going to occur or more importantly occur again, we have needed race to help understand and celebrate our history. Each ethnic background has had an interesting story to tell. From the tribes of the indigenous peoples of America to the dynastic rules of China or Egypt, each culture has needed to identify itself to keep its stories heralded.

But now its time for a paradigm shift. We should never stop celebrating our heritage, nor should we ever stop being proud of who God made us to be, but it is time to end the seemingly endless discourse on race. Its time we stop being divisive and look to the future as one blood. Its time we stopped seeing “white man” or “black woman” and we started seeing “human beings” and “God’s children”. With more and more people being born into this world of mixed heritage, breaking down the misconceptions of interracial dating, one has to see that its time humanity stop focusing on race and start looking at evolution.

Its time we embraced all mankind as fundamentally wanting the same things, even if our experiences differ. Its time we stop judging people by the way they look and understand that in a world where a native Chinese child can videocall a native British child, we all inhabit the same earth. Its time we exchanged cultures and built a True Culture… The Human Culture.

We must ditch the “oh you’re acting white” or “I’m just a black man trying to make it”. Hinge your image on being a HUMAN BEING. We can never forget the Civil Rights Movement, but we must become cognizant of what they fought for: equality. Wearing your perceived inadequacy on your shoulder is not what our forefathers fought for. In an equal perceptive world, white, black, Japanese, Arab, or Pacific Islander: we are one people.

Now as lame as it sounds we must all embrace one thing: love. God did not create us to be at enmity with one another.

Without love ignorance runs unrestrained.

With love comes understanding. With understanding comes progression. Social progression.



Renaissance of Man

I love people and I hate people genuinely. The truth is, I have such mixed feelings on this subject that I’ve actually shied away from thinking about it and just stayed diligent to praying for love. The issues are that we are complex social creatures who at any point in time can choose to live in logic, non-logic, or some arbitrary combination of the two. There is such little unity in the way we think. From cultural divides to generational breakdowns, social proclitivities to societal norms, we exist in a state of perpetual chaos. Religion, philosophy, preferences, education, family and so on.

I’ve noticed a paradigm shift in racist attitudes towards me shift away from white on black, to foreign on black. I’ve received more menacing glares and cold body language from Persians and Indians than I do from whites. I’ve noticed increasing discomfort with the Christian institution of church. Most people are sick of the ideological tyranny and hypocrisy exhibited by our clergymen. I’ve noticed that the identifying qualities about people are stagnating the idea of pure human equality. The “light skin” vs “dark skin” debate comes to mind.

The ignorant are STILL purporting as if they are informed.

Which is the most terrifying of all my observations. As humans now have unprecedented access to information both “true” and “untrue”, any iota of knowledge can be perverted to fit into someone’s incorrect assessment of anything. Therefore, politics, religion, and social dynamics become intensely difficult to actually discuss. Logical fallacies replace actual logic.

We as human beings sit on the precipice of what could be an era of enlightenment, a time when all people could come together in intellectual and ideological harmony. Its implausible and downright asinine to believe that we’d all believe the exact same things, however, the incessant bigotry would have no place. We could see each other not by our race and culture, but by the single unifying strand of being human, God’s creation. The study of culture wouldn’t be eradicated, not at all, because the preservation of history is the preservation of life. None of us should forget where we come from, but all of us should be cognizant and open to where we’re going together.

I love humans. I hate humanity. I love our potential. I hate our current state. I love the diversity of life. I hate the animosity generated by discord and differing opinions. I love culture, but hate the divisiveness of ethnicity. I don’t want to hear about the “black man this” or the “white man that”. I don’t want to hear about “poor people this” or “rich people that”.

Even amongst my conspiracy theories I hold out a sliver of hope for the redemption of man.

If I am anything, I am pro-humans. Pro-life. Pro-liberty. & Pro-Enlightenment. We must progress out of these dark ages of deceit and lies. I don’t discuss politics because I believe they’re all liars. Religion has been corrupted for years, but I hold on to Christ. Deceit has inundated our people and now Confusion reigns on this earth. I hate that confusion because it confounds the normally logical thinker to believe propaganda and guile stricken speeches. Confusion breeds hate-mongering and hostility.

If man is to ever gain back the keys to peace, we must embrace other humans. We must let go of the social tyranny and ignorance so prevalent in our cultures. We must foster equality and merit. Promulgate enlightenment and tolerance and understand that nothing in this world is how it seems.

Ideological Renaissance.


Dont Believe Your Hype

“There’s a million of you, but only one of me”

This adage so perfectly captures the delusion of my generation. The nonconformist, individualized, sensationalized youth of America. The Millenials. Let’s deconstruct this popular phrase and look at things realistically:

1) Perspective is everything. Therefore, even though from your perspective you seem like “one in a million”, from where I stand, you walk, talk, dress, and act like everyone else. Therefore, I am well within my rights to counter your statement with the all too stinging reality that there are a million of you as well.

2) The idealized reflection you create for yourself is not reality, but simply an unauthentic and quite frankly pathetic attempt at rationalizing your mediocre life. We are all in college. We all have people of the opposite sex approach us. We all have moments where we feel like we’re the shit… Relax. You aren’t that special.

3) It isn’t “cool” to be different in totality, but simply being one or two standard deviations from the norm. The idea that you’re one in a million is an extremely egocentric notion in itself, but more importantly, inadequately captures the true sentiment of what these narcissistic clowns are trying to convey. Go talk to the weird kid from class, see how he feels about truly being “unusual”.

4) Every human is theoretically one in 7 billion, therefore to utter this idea that you are different is woefully redundant. Furthermore, we’re talking about larger cultural aggregates, most of which we all fall into. For every person who believes they think, talk, or act different, I’m pretty sure I can find someone who is a cultural carbon copy of them.

My point is, for every up there is a down. Because every human is fundamentally different, we must do away with this statistically insignificant data and look at the fact that most people in a geographical or societal culture act the same as another group, whether that connection is apparent or not. Deep currents run within the sociospheres, therefore, their lack of visibility does not denote a lack of presence. Ideas that we’re one in a million or that we are one and someone else is a mere facsimile of countless others, is not only preposterous, but indicative of more insidious qualities of human worthlessness. Many offenders of this rule are no-names in and of themselves… Local celebrities, mere farts in the historical wind, with no lasting legacy except their own shortlived, inflated self worth. Their belief that they’re nonconformists merely illuminate the truth that they are conformists to the most disgusting degree.

The true nonconformist admits that he or she isn’t shit but a bag of dust with a prime directive in life. That directive is not predicated on superfluous human popularity contests or “how different am I from George”, but simply the purposes of us upon this earth. I have been guilty of this self inflation, but only because it helped perpetuate my infatuation with initial success. Those who feel the need to broadcast and boast are suffering from one of two problems: 1) insecurity 2) immaturity. I probably had a bad case of both.

As a human you are innately special, but so is everyone else on this elemental planet. So shut the fuck up and realize that you’re just like everyone else until you actually DO something different. Talking, typing, posting will not differentiate, nor does foolish interest by other human beings. No, the true “outlier” in the human population, the elevated individual, is felt not heard. I rarely feel anything except stupidity from these modern day Creon’s. Hubris is a sin by the way.


Futility of Life

I haven’t been happy for a long time. Years. Maybe a decade. Probably since I’ve been in California. But definitely since I became “of age”. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt mostly nothing, with a background longing for something substantial. Of course, I had moments of fleeting joy. A new girlfriend, a night with my friends, but the truth is I’ve always held on hope that my tomorrows would be better.

I am complex, this much is true. But what’s more important than my complexity is my journey to it. From the time I was a kid I osmotically absorbed everything around me. I was an information sponge. I wanted to know. In Oklahoma, I was a little hotshot. Nice clothes, nice shoes, nice house, 3 cars, and a dog. Lived across the street from the high school coach. Summer BBQ’s on our 2 acre ranch home. Winter snowball fights with the neighborhood kids. Friday nights the entire town went to see the football team serve up our rivals.

Then I moved to California, where I was forced to live in a derelict home in Inglewood a month after leaving my Midwestern dreamlife. We fared many nights of no food, lights being turned off, and washing our clothes in the sink. I began to learn the life of defeat. Sunday mornings hearing others in situations like mine and worse, importuning a pastor and God to help turn their lives around. To compound my distorted views on the world, the same people I was supposed to trust, the pastors, policeman, elected officials, teachers, and neighbors were committing heinous acts of inhumanity. We were homeless twice between the ages 12 and 16. Bounced checks. Lost jobs.

All in this world concocted by human minds.

The crimes against humanity is always at the hands of another human. You can plead “the Devil made me do it”, but as we all know that’s a royal fucking cop out. Everything corrupt on this earth is the creation of a human being. Politics, religion, business, economics, debt… And they all play pivotal roles in defining the negative (and majority of) aspects in the life time of a human being.

I find happiness to be momentary, ephemeral.

To add insult to injury, you have the same corroded humans rattling off opinions. From social media to community centers, the gossip and hearsay, the backstabbing and disgusting hypocritical irony are everywhere. This society, this human disease, is literally a sickness which continually throws up on itself. From mass media to the banking system, the whole civilized world is disgustingly pathetic. It begs the question:

Why are we even here?

To fall in love? To worship God? To eat, drink, and be happy? To pursue happiness? I can enjoy almost nothing in this virtually incorrigible flesh tomb. As that osmotically active child absorbed more and more of the world, he saw more pain than pleasure, more crooked than straight. More hopelessness than possibility, more lies than truth. He saw more fake images trying to appear real and less authenticity being respected.

Humans want ideal existences, yet the ideal is impossible. So is life futile? To me it might as well be.


The Man Behind It All

In an attempt at finding forever,
I’ve given up so much valuable time,
Clasping hands that never clasped back,
I was willing to fold the world,
Hold her world,
Be the figurative Atlas,
For the woman who was willing to fight,
Please don’t get it twisted I know that Bryce,
Is nothing short of a dragon,
Dealing with him is feeling that fire,
Isolated within his world,
Like the ancient lizards of Chinese lore,
And his words can be a fucking bore,
And he’s always keeping a fucking score,
Analyzing the world like it was his Divinely appointed chore,
He sits back in his cave protecting some ancient treasure,
Engaging many the female traveler,
Only to see that she isn’t the one,
Her intentions just as selfish as his inability to care,
He extends his neck to touch foreheads with hers,
Hoping to establish a cerebral connection,
Only to realize her mind was never his to engage,
For in absolute Truth she never came into his cave,
Hoping to understand the young dragon that sat there,
She merely saw the endless treasure,
And the benefits beyond measure,
Heard the sweet words of the young man,
Turned dragon,
About how much he truly knew.
They came and went,
No one honestly spent,
Any time getting to know he that rested in those catacombs,
Never told him about their beliefs,
What they saw to be reliefs,
Etched on the walls of their hearts.
They merely blistered at his fire,
Folded at his ire,
Hit the trail to find somewhere else,
Or accused him of being a liar.
He merely wished they would kneel with him at the altar,
Hold him up when he began to falter,
Be his stone, his Rock of Gibraltar,
But none saw this as a necessity,
None saw past the fire,
Saw past the defensive scales,
None saw past the isolation,
Saw past their self serving interests…

She who looks beyond this carapace.
She who willingly becomes the therapist,
The prayer warrior,
The ezer zenegdo,
The life saver.
She who actually makes the effort,
Fights for the heart of a man,
Who will fight for the life of that woman.
Mature in spirit,
Ripe in beauty.
She who can look past the dragon,
And the treasure,
Who gets to know the man behind it all.

The Real Bryce

I spend a lot of time observing myself inwardly. I probably spend 3 to 4 hours a day on these introspective assessments. This is why I could never truly fall prey to something like conceit, I spend obscene amounts of time critically deconstructing Bryce. All the scrutinizing inquiry I exercise on others, I conduct on myself many, many times more intense.

I often time feel totally alone in the world. Not because I feel inherently or innately superior to anyone, but more appropriately that I feel that no one goes through this exhaustive mental, spiritual, and emotional workout as consciously as I do. Whereas most people are content with “letting life happen” and “experiencing”, I engage life actively. I analyze and qualify, quantify and derive experiences, occurrences, and feelings. I strive to understand not only myself, but as much about mankind as I possibly could. The result of all of this is I tend to be a quick study in analyzing what people show me. I put the emphasis on show because I have been wrong about what I thought I knew about someone.

Without breaking out the melancholy violins and at the risk of being melodramatic it gets rather lonely sometimes. Due to a caustic personality, sometimes impersonal, and easily agitated, very few people actually have engaged me to get to know me. I’ve often been accused of not fighting for the women who have been in my life, but who in all reality has fought for me? Who has strove to understand Bryce? In a life where I spent much time guiding and counseling my friends/girlfriends, who has stepped up to guide and counsel me?

Who has actually tried to do that? Very few. Who has actually succeeded? Even less.

As with everything, I do not consider this problem the result of shortcomings of everyone else, but I accept my culpability in all this. My arrogance, my short temper, and my know-it-all demeanor have not been easy to deal with. However, the young women I’ve dealt with and dated saw past all of that, yet only one made attempts at understanding me. That hurts, honestly. It hurts because of how much I pour into helping other people grow. Who has actively helped me grow? Who has actively prayed for me? Opened up a Bible with me? Asked me about my problems? Told me about their views on the world? How many people look introspectively at themselves, so that they could help me discover me?

Who has ever tried to meet the real, vulnerable, passionate Bryce?

Few if any.


I Am A Human and So Are You

I think one of the most frustrating things for me is seeing people talk about their “big dreams”. You see it everywhere from facebook, to twitter and hear it from your friends, coworkers, and family. The statement is disgustingly ubiquitous. But that’s not really what upsets me. Its the intention behind it.

People have a tendency to defend what they are. Its part of the innate human identity crisis. We gravitate towards things we see in ourselves or want to see, then rationalize and elevate the status of that thing. I always use the example of the “light skinned vs dark skinned” dichotomy. I’m not going to address the cultural implications or any of those entho-sociological issues. I’m simply looking from a macro position. “Light skinned” individuals are constantly stating that “they do it best” or something to that effect. Then you see the opposing arguments proffered by someone who identifies with being “dark skinned”. For me, the question isn’t about how this duality came to exist, but more about why any identifications exist at all.

Yes, I am a black man. My skin color is brown. I am an alumnus of Long Beach Polytechnic High School and Loyola Marymount University. I live in Inglewood. These things are realities that I could use to define me, however, I rarely identify with anything. I am simply Bryce. Perhaps this is why I often find myself on the margins of social structures. I don’t wish to identify or play by the rules of engagement, unless I’m manipulating them out of survival or the hopes of some type of reward. This is why I was never comfortable joining a fraternity or even the year I played basketball. I’m more cerebral and spiritual than I am natural, that which I identify with comes from my understanding of God, not of mankind.

So when I see contentious statements about one group being better than the next I just laugh, because the arguments aren’t about who’s actually better, but who you identify with. “Light skinned” girls don’t “do it better”. That’s a generalization that can be destroyed by any man who prefers dark women. At the end of the day, most people operate in a sort of forced narcissism which simply states: because I had no say in how I look or my developmental components, I am going to take pride in who I am. Which is fine, confidence is great, however, when that confidence begins to overstep its bound into the realm of creating adversarial situations, one must realize that they, regardless of their makeup are no better than anyone else.

I don’t see myself as better than anyone else. More informed? Perhaps. More concerned about matters of the heart and conscious? Probably. More adept at figuring things out at young ages? Possibly… But everything that I am had the same potentials as the next kid comparable to me. Therefore, I would never posit that “skinny guys are in” or “no tattoos are better than tattoos” or whatever divisive bullshit is being pandered these days.

I am a human. So are you. Let’s just leave it at that.